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I’m working with wood for more than 35 years – making sculptural objects, design pieces, decorative objects and also fully functional pieces of custom made furniture.

I used to own a small furniture making workshop employing up to 8 people, but since a few years back we are just but a few colleagues and friends – working together, focusing  on artistic creation of unique design pieces made of wood.

I like to play with optical illusions and gravity force. Some people say my custom furniture is more like a sculpture. It is true, though, that in the early years of my work I was indeed making also sculptural objects from wood.

I’ve participated in 50 art exhibitions since 1983 out of which 12 were solo exhibitions. I am a member of Latvian Artist’s Union since 1990 and of Designer’s Union of Latvia since 2009.


My works are in permanent exhibition in the Latvian National Library and the Museum of Decorative Art and Design of Latvia.

I was awarded the “Design Award of the Year” for sculptural furniture piece “Chair in Chair” (Latvian Designers Association, 2008), magazine “Deko” Award of the Year (2007) for “The Beetle” cabinet in unique design category.


  • 1962.g.                                     Born, 29th of September 

  • 1978.g.- 1982.g.                       Riga Secondary School of Applied Arts




Professional work


  • 1983.g.                                   active membership in professional exhibitions

  • 1990.g.                                   Latvian Artists' Union member

  • 1998.g.                                   Professional pedogogy work for Rigas Crafts High School as examinator for students graduation works

  • 2001.g.                                   Latvian Chamber of Crafts member

  • 2009.g.                                   Latvian Designers' Union member                                





Solo exhibitions

  • 1989.g. Solo exhibition in Cesis exhibition center, Latvia

  • 1992.g. Solo exhibition in Decorative Arts and Design Museum, Riga, Latvia

  • 2002.g. Solo exhibition "Bed" Imantas cultural center of Riga, Latvia

  • 2004.g. Solo exhibition „Insects” Decorative Arts and Design Museum, Riga, Latvia

  • 2005.g. Solo exhibition in Latvian "House of Blackheads"

  • 2005.g. Solo exhibition Roja Museum

  • 2006.g. Solo exhibition "First Friday Night" Imantas cultural center in Riga

  • 2007.g. Solo exhibition Salaspils Exhibition Hall

  • 2008.g. Solo exhibition "Mesozoic period" Decorative Arts and Design Museum, Riga, Latvia

  • 2008.g. Solo exhibition “Daugavas” museum

  • 2010.g Solo exhibition Shopping Centre „Galeria Riga”

  • 2012.g. "Functional frenzy" in Decorative Arts and Design Museum, Riga, Latvia

  • 2012.g. "ROJAL" art & film festival exposition in the sea "Mesozoic period"

  • 2013.g. "ROJAL" art & film festival exposition in the sea 

  • 2015.g. The" Beetle" cabinet exposition in London, gallery "Decoratum" UK 

  • 2015.g. "ROJAL" art & film festival exposition in the sea "Carrot of Hindenburg" LV

  • 2015.g. Sculpture "Staircase of ice" in palace of culture "Ziemelblazma" LV

  • 2016.g. Solo exhibition"SINKER, RUNNER and HINDENBURG" Sigulda LV

  • 2023.g. Solo exhibition JANIS STRAUPE | NON - OBJECTS 28.01.-26.03.2023., Decorative Arts and Design Museum, Riga, Latvia

Group exhibitions



  • 1985 - 2002.g. Riga, Latvia

  • 1987., 1989.g. Triennial, Tallinn, Estonia

  • 1987.g. Soviet Republics Art Exhibitions in Moscow, USSR

  • 1992.g. Lüneburg, Germany

  • 1994.g Rennes, France

  • 2007.g. "Closet" Artist’s Union gallery

  • 2009.g "Table" Artist’s Union gallery

  • 2009,g "Intimate" Decorative Arts and Design Museum, Riga, Latvia

  • 2010.g. "Optimization of Art" Decorative Arts and Design Museum, Riga, Latvia

  • 2010.g. Furniture Fair in Frankfurt, Germany

  • 2015.g. “Functional Madness”, Decorative Arts and Design Museum, Riga, Latvia

Decorative Arts and Design Museum, Riga, Latvia


Organization of group exhibitions


  • 1983., 1990.,1993g. Young woodworker group exhibitions, Latvia

  • 1991.g. Exhibition "BED" Latvia

  • 2007.g. Exhibition "Wardrobe" Latvia

  • 2009.g. Exhibition " Table" Latvia


Works in private collections


  • Germany, Russia, France, Poland, USA, Italy & Latvia


Bespoke projects


  • 1986.g.                                      Riga City Council meeting hall

  • 1993.g.                                      Latvian Shipping Company (President cabinet) production

  • 1999.g                                       Interior & production for Latvian copyright agency

  • 1999.g.- 2000.g.                        The interior of the Baltic International Bank

  • 2002.g.                                      "Road project" Directors cabinet

  • 1993.- 1995.g.                            awards for  "Lattelecom"

  • 1995.g.                                      awards for  "Latvian Shipping Company"

  • 1999.g.                                      Prizes Film Forum Arsenals

  • 2001.g.                                      The National Library with sculptural table "Books"

  • 2006.g.                                      private VIP lounge for arena "Riga"

  • 2008.g                                       representation objects for "PERI" Ltd 

  • 2009.g.                                      reception area for Latvian Art Novue museum



Group exhibition organisation

  • 1983., 1990.,1993g.                  Young woodworker group exhibitions LV

  • 1991.g.                                      Exhibition "BED"  LV

  • 2007.g.                                      Exhibition "Wardrobe"  LV

  • 2009.g.                                      Exhibition " Table" LV


Private gifts made

  • National Library of Latvia

  • Palace of Zvartava LV 

  • Decorative Arts and Design Museum



  • 1983.g.                                    Diploma in exhibition "Autumn" LV 

  • 1991.g.                                    "Golden Hammer" award for nomination prize made for LV Shipping company

  • 2007.g.                                    interior and design magazine "Deko" award for unique design "The Beetle" cabinet 

  • 2008.g.                                    National award in design 1st place for sculptural furniture "Chair in Chair"


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